Company type


factory or workshop area

company activity

Export of chemical raw materials

number of production lines

20 production lines

company located in


company located in (province)



30 years

product names

Sodium carbonate, Vaseline and liquid paraffin

 Export History

To surrounding countries, Iraq, Russia, Georgia

product formula

Molecular formula of caustic soda flake: NaOH or HNaO


Parto Aftab Alvand Company with the national ID of 14003706768 started its activity in the field of exporting chemical products under the brand name Liam Chemistry in Tehran. Our company is one of the most prominent companies in the supply of chemical raw materials. Visit our website for specifications of our company and product. Our products are numerous, one of the most important of which is pure white caustic soda flake.

Liam Chemistry shares thirty years of experience with you. We came to see what the world wants and what we can offer. 

Liam Chemistry listens to your order, understands your needs and provides the best possible services in terms of both quantity and quality to meet your needs. Export begins with the discovering powers and adding up capacities. We added up our capabilities, thirty years of research and professional efficiency as well as market trends. You will experience a safe trend with us in terms of ordering and analysis process, concentration and purity of goods, payment terms, insurance, and shipping conditions.

Our Company policies

We look forward to hearing from you about any potential issues. We are able to solve potential obstacles. If you decide to cancel the order, your payment will be refunded after deducting the costs of packaging, taxes, shipping, etc. (if any).