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3000 Tons

200 Tons

Iran , Khuzestan

Wholesale specification Caustic Soda Flake- Pure- high quality-best offer- supplier and factory

Major price per ton

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minimum order

200 tons

Jumbo volume

1 m3

production capacity per month

3000 tons

Custom Services and Packing for Wholesale Caustic Soda Flake

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custom packing

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minimum order for custom services

200 tons

200 tons

200 tons


wholesale price of Caustic Soda Flake -pure white – high quality

Our company produces caustic soda flake using the most advanced and up-to-date devices on an industrial scale.

This caustic soda flake is pure and high quality, so it can be used in many industries.

We also export caustic soda flake at wholesale prices to all countries of the world.

If you compare the high quality caustic soda flake that we produce with similar products, you will find that the price of our product is much cheaper and of better quality than other competitors.

Because we are the producer of caustic soda flake we can send them to you at wholesale price.

Overview Caustic Soda Flake- Pure- high quality-best offer- supplier and factory

product type

chemical raw material

 Country of origin


product name

caustic soda flake

production province



white crystals

standards and licenses

Has the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Mining Industry and




It is a solid substance that is very similar to colorless crystals

product volume

one cubic meter


Paper and textile industry – Production of aluminum from ore – Food
industry – Production of detergents – Production of fuel cells and production
of epoxy resins

amount in stock

2000 tons

product line type

Mechanized with the most advanced equipment

manufacturing to packing time

15 to 30 days
for 200-3000 tons

The process of producing Caustic Soda flake- Pure- high quality- supplier and factory

In general, caustic soda flake is produced in three ways:

The main process of producing caustic soda flake is the electrolysis of sodium chloride solutions in a variety of electrolytic containers. For example, in the Castner-Kellner mercury cell process, which is no longer used due to the toxicity of mercury, a stream of mercury is used as the cathode, and a sodium alloy is obtained, which, when combined with water, forms caustic soda.

Diaphragm cells are another well-known process for producing this chemical compound, in which the electrolyte travels from the anode to the cathode to produce sodium hydroxide, chlorine gas, and hydrogen.

The process of producing caustic soda flake through soda lime is an older process to produce sodium hydroxide. In the soda-lime process method, soda ash (calcium hydroxide) is converted to caustic soda flake in reaction to sodium carbonate.


Caustic Soda Flake- supplier and factory

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Unique features:

  • Excellent and reliable quality
  • fast shipping
  • Professional packaging for healthy shipping to the destination
  • fast shipping

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Packing and shipping of white Caustic Soda flake – Pure- high quality


Due to the corrosive nature of caustic soda flake, we use the best materials for packaging to prevent possible damage and at the same time increase the product stock time. more than this type of packaging, we make safe shipping away from Every risk  to the target country, we try to send you the product you order with durable packaging so that the product is not damaged during shipping.

Also, if you need special transportation, it is possible to negotiate with us in this regard.

product net weight

21 Kg

Dimensions of each carton

Length: 1 meter
Width: 1 meter
Height: 1 meter

initial packing

Laminate bags of polypropylene and polyethylene with suitable

Type of packaging for shipping


Gross weight 

25 kg

Product shipping type

Maritime transport


Number of pallets 100 *
120 in the container

9 pices

incoterms rules


Number of products with packaging on the pallet

35 pcs

Number of products packed in a standard 20-foot container

25 pcs

The total volume of cargo in the container

30 square meters

Place of loading the product in customs

Bandar Abbas and other ports if needed



  • Is it possible to negotiate with your company regarding the price?
    We will meet customers’ expectations as much as possible.
  • Is it possible to visit your workshop or factory?
    Yes. our customers are always welcome and at any stage with prior coordination can visit the factory and its production process
  • How is the quality control of your product?
    In some cases, the trader may be skeptical about the country of origin adhering to its obligations regarding the quality and quantity of goods. but one of the ways to help the buyerand aquire their trust and is the inspection process in which the ordered goods are examined and controlled before being transported to the target country.
  • What are the company’s actions to comply with health protocols (in the Covid-19 virus crisis)?
    All our employees have a vaccination card, and use masks and gloves at all stages
  • Is it possible to comply with the standards of the buyer country?
    Yes, if the buyer wants us to send the analysis and product standards, it will be sent according to the standard of the target country.

  • Are your products effective and safe?
    Most of our products are raw materials that lead to the production of medicines, food and industrial goods, and we provide proper and safe packaging and professional work.

  • Is your product environmentally friendly?
    Parto Aftab Alvand Company is one of the top suppliers of chlorine in Iran. All processes and activities of this company are always in line with the environmental laws. This company is the only supplier of chlorine.

  • What are your policies against damage to the product during shipping?
    At the request of the customer, the goods will be insured.

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